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About us

Projekt 23 – The Green Movement, Projekt 23, is a community and schools-based environmental education and tree-planting project initiated in March 2009. This Non-Profit Organisation was initiated with the aim to create awareness with regards to environmental issues prevalent in our immediate surroundings and how these fit into the  global climate change context, with the hope to encourage participation amongst community members, young and old.

The project was initiated with the aim to leave the communities that we would come into contact with throughout the running of this project with an informed view of environmental responsibility and conservation; how this affects our daily lives, and how we can actively take part in making it a practicality. Projekt 23 is, therefore, centred on the CAP concept, that is, Conservation, Awareness, Participation.

The organisation projects are aimed at creating environmental awareness and promoting social upliftment through entrepreneurship among the communities.

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