Projekt 23

Projekt 23 is a registered non-profit organization established in March 2009, and formally registered in 2012. Centred around the concept of CAP – Conservation, Awareness, Participation – this organization aims to create environmental awareness and plant indigenous trees in communities with a special focus on the youth. Projekt 23 has developed a number of initiatives including Eco-Schools, Eco-Townships, Waste Management as well as South African Youth for International Diplomacy. Through these initiatives, economically inactive persons are equipped with the tools they need to participate in the development of their communities.


  • School’s Environmental Awareness
  • Gauteng, Limpopo and Northwest
  • Planted 544 trees
  • Visited 23 schools. 7 community centres
  • Churches and Townships
  • Gardening Projects
  • Organic Produce Gardens
  • Education in backyard gardening 
  • Mandate in sustainable livelihood


  • Greeting our Townships
  • Give Me a Seed
  • Promoting good nutrition in townships
  • Township grounds can feed and sustain 
  • Growing vegetable patches 
  • Planting fruit trees
  • Greening our planet 
  • Mitigating Climate Change 
  • Provision of seeds
  • Provision of gardening equipment
  • Education in rain harvesting


  • All human settlements produce wastes
  • Irresponsible disposal is hazardous
  • Introducing waste reduction systems
  • Upcycling and Recyling systems
  • Project 23 Blanket Drive support
  • Soup Kitchens for Marabastad homeless






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